Alien Wars

Alien Wars 1.0

Alien Wars is a vertical scrolling space shooter
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Alien Wars is a vertical scrolling space shooter.
You, guiding your spaceship, have to battle waves of enemies that will appear from the top of the screen. You can collect power-ups to gain access to more sofisticated ammo, more power, extra lives and score points.

The spaceship is controlled by the mouse, with the left click (or CTRL) you´ll fire your primary weapon, with the right click (or SHIFT) you´ll fire your secondary weapon. The wheel of your mouse will switch between secondary weapons. You can access the game menu pressing the ESC key, or the help pressing F1.

You´ll need to avoid being hit by your enemies or the rocks that will appear. There will be some mines that you can shoot to destroy your enemies, but beware of touching them, they will destroy you.

You begin the game with three lives, and you can get extra lives catching some power-ups. Each time you explode, you lose a life. When the three lives are lost, it´s game over.

You can setup the sound, music, graphics detail and controls.

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